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Yes, the title being unnecessarily long WAS necessary.

Wii Homebrew Software

It is incredibly important you have brick protection installed. This software is only proven to work on an American NTSC Nintendo Wii running software version 4.3U. I advise against installing this software on any Wiis that were sold in Japan, Korea, or Europe. If you damage your system doing so, I claim no responsibility.

Wozbrew Channel

My first foray into custom Wii channels, the Wozbrew Channel, is functionally identical to the Homebrew Channel, it simply has a Scott the Woz theme to it. I mean, uh, "obligatory custom homebrew channel." Yeah, I'm fully aware that custom skins for the HBC aren't exactly original.
Also, I just wanted to note, that I made this based on a WAD for the HBC that listed itself as international. If any brave souls with a 4.3E, 4.3J or 4.3K Wii want to test it, reach out to me on Twitter.
WBC with Break In by Garrett Williamson (4th channel in video)
WBC with Breakout from 3D Dot Game Heroes (3rd channel in video)

NESBrew Channel

A second attempt at a custom Wii channel, the NESbrew channel is also functionally identical to the HBC. It has an 8 bit theme to it, made using the actual NES palette (And it only uses 3 colors!) While it may not be the most technically advanced custom channel, I'm still happy with it.
Download (2nd channel in video)

3D Pinball Forwarder

This is a forwarder to a port of the legendary 3D Pinball Space Cadet by PacoChan. Yeah, it's practically just a static image. Not exactly thrilling, but it gets the job done, and you know what happens when you open it. Also, as far as I'm aware, this is the only forwarder for this port so far.
3D Pinball Channel Download (1st channel in video)
3D Pinball Port