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Yes, the title being unnecessarily long WAS necessary.

What Is This?

Welcome to the 5th revision of my website, because I'm incredibly indecisive! Yes, Niftows is still online, and I'm never taking it offline. Anyway, this is just a mediocre personal website. Anyway, in case you didn't notice, there's a handful of links up at the top of the page. "HOME" will take you to this page, "ABOUT ME" takes you to a page with information about me (obviously), "WII BREWERY" takes you to a page with software for a modded Nintendo Wii with the Homebrew Channel installed, "SHRINES" takes you to a page with more links to pages dedicated to things I like, BLOG" takes you to my blogspot, NIFTOWS HP" takes you to the 3rd iteration of my website, and lastly, BASEMENT takes you to the miscellaneous section of my site.

Webrings a-plenty!

For anyone who's unaware of what a webring is, basically, it's a circular structure of websites, where all members put next and previous links on their site, that connect to other sites in the webring, where eventually, if you click "next" enough times, you'll end up back on the site you started at.

Hotline Webring
R.I.P. Yesterweb

Bully me for my musical tastes

Bully me for my taste in video games


Prized possessions

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