44Nifty's Awesome Website Of Awesomeness, Coolness, Tubularity, Insanity, and 50 other useless adjectives!

Yes, the title being unnecessarily long WAS necessary.

Splash text on the Index page

Still better than Twitter! It's fun to bully Twitter, especially when it's run by Melon Husk
Still better than 𝕏!
Y2K Compliant! In the buildup to Y2K, products were advertising themselves as "Y2K safe!" (i.e. they wouldn't break on midnight, 1/1/2000.)
Y2038 Compliant! Playing off of the Y2K Compliant thing. At 03:14:08 AM on January 19, 2038, UNIX time running on a signed 32 bit integer will overflow from 231−1 seconds since midnight, 1/1/1970, to -(231) seconds since, making it count as 8:45:52 PM on December 13 1901.
Come on, fhqwhgads! Fhqwhgads is a nonsense word from Homestar Runner.
Filling up my basket with Oscar Meyer! Lyrics from "Weird Al" Yankovic's "My Bologna".
Big bowl of sauerkraut! Lyrics from "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Albuquerque".
Virginetic! "Virginetic" is used as an adjective in Stupid Nintendo Games.
Colormatic 2! The "colormatic" splash in Minecraft has all the letters as different colors. This is a sequel to that splash, that cycles through all colors.
182! Joke about blink-182, and the long-deprecated <blink> tag.
This site blows! Reference to Scott The Woz's opinion on Chibi Robo Zip Lash: "This game blows!"
Holy shit, is that a motherfucking Minecraft reference?! The splash text feature is a reference to Minecraft.
Irrelevant! This site isn't relevant in the grand scheme of the Internet.
Rated AO!
Scott the Woz reference.

If you don't get this one, you're stupid.
Somehow My Music Taste Got Worse! Subtitle of Various Tracks 2.
OH GOD IT'S BACK! Subtitle of Various Tracks 3.
MULTIDIMENSIONAL!! Subtitle of Various Tracks 4.
Noise For Ears Subtitle of Various Tracks 5.
In 3-D! Title of "Weird Al" Yankovic's 2nd album, as well as the subtitle of the fictional horror film "Nature Trail To Hell" that was posited in the album's final track.
They had it on eBay... Lyrics from "Weird Al" Yankovic's "eBay".
44Nifty was NotDansk, now its 44Nifty, not NotDansk, been a long time gone, NotDansk, not a Danish delight on a moonlit night... Lyrics from They Might Be Giants' "Istanbul (not Constantinople)", altered to reflect the name change the website (and my online persona) went under in 2021.
It's about 20% cooler than your site! Reference to a line from Rainbow Dash in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - "It needs to be about 20% cooler."
Also try Polka Your Eyes Out! Reference to various splash texts in Minecraft that read "Also try..." followed by various indie games. In this instance, they're replaced with other websites on Neocities.
Also try Troy Sucks!
Also try Eatyourburger!
Also try Drop n' Spin Dash!
Also try Key's Klubhouse!
Also try Chipsweb!
Also try Lime360!
Also try The Absolute Realm!
Also try Jamie's Epic Web Zone!
Also try Nickolox's Web Corner!
Help! I'm running out of ideas for splash text! I was running out of ideas for splash text when I wrote this.
Bargle nawdle zouss! Lyrics from Weird Al Yankovic's "Smells Like Nirvana".
Like my balls... real big. Lyrics from Your Favorite Martian's "Tig Ol' Bitties", which itself was a reference to another song they wrote, "My Balls."
Little children, near and far, don't know where your parents are
Cry directly in this jar, and I will drink it at the bar
Lyrics from Your Favorite Martian's "Orphan Tears".
Computer over?! Virus = very yes?! That's not a good prize!! Quote from Homestar Runner 'toon Virus.
iamverybadazz Lyrics from, and title of, Your Favorite Martian's "iamverybadazz".
The way it was intended! Only appears if viewing the site on a high-enough resolution for it to display as intended. Otherwise, it displays "Pocket edition!"
Pocket edition! Reference to mobile ports of games branding themselves as "pocket edition"-- e.g. Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Only appears if viewing the site on a low enough resolution that the site doesn't appear as intended-- typically a mobile browser. Otherwise, it displays "The way it was intended!"
Gotta boogie! Lyrics from, and title of, "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Gotta Boogie".
WHAT THE FUCK IS A ''GOZNER''?! Reference to the somewhat frequent mishearing of "Better give me all your gauze, nurse" in "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Like A Surgeon" as "Better give me all your gozners."
WHAT THE FUCK IS A ''SELTZER DISPULSE''?! Reference to the "at-least-one-instance" mishearing of "And I have to use the self-service pumps" in "Weird Al" Yankovic's "One More Minute" as "And I have to use the seltzer dispulse".
Ass barf barf ass barf piss! Barf piss ass ass barf! Barf piss ass ass piss! Lyrics from Your Favorite Martian's "Epileptic Techno".

Special occasion splashes

During certain times of year, I'll replace the usual rotation of splash text with seasonally relevant splash text. These are those splashes.

February 16th - Website creation date
Yuge! Reference to an old update ticker from the 2021 v1 of the site, where I described a redesign of it as "yuge"-- which, in turn, was a mockery of 45th United States president Donald J. Trump.
Say no to vaxines! Reference to sayno2vax, the very first side-site I made with Neocities supporter.
50 adjectives! The full title of the site is "44Nifty's Awesome Website Of Awesomeness, Coolness, Tubularity, Insanity, and 50 other useless adjectives!". This is a reference to the "50 other useless adjectives" part.
HP! Reference to Niftows HP, the 3rd version of the site, and arguably the coolest damn one I've ever made. Unfortunately, it was also very laggy.
I love playing the Nintendo Wii! Reference to I Love Playing The Nintendo Wii, a very repetitive Nintendo Wii fansite I maintain.
Ninjas! Reference to a very old site I made on my computer when I was in elementary school using Mozilla SeaMonkey. I remember absolutely nothing about it other than that it was themed around ninjas because someone at school liked ninjas. I'm... not 100% sure what I was cooking there.
October 27th-31st - Halloween
Coming Soon
November 21st - my birthday!
It's time to celebrate your birthday; it happens every year! Lyrics from "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Happy Birthday".
We'll eat a lot of broccoli and drink a lot of beer!
There's garbage in the water, there's poison in the sky!
It doesn't take a military genius to see, we'll all be crispy critters after World War 3!
If you think it's scary; if it's more than you can take,
just blow out the candles and have a piece of cake!
Cake gear from Roblox. Audio comes from a reskin of the same item released for the 10th anniversary of Roblox.
December 15th-25th - Christmas
Coming Soon