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Yes, the title being unnecessarily long WAS necessary.

Past usernames

Explanations for every one of my usernames.
Industrial quantities of usernames on Minecraft.


Comes from Not From Denmark and powerfulsanta44. Started as Nifty, as a shortening of Not From Denmark. N F D, Nif D, Nifty. Pretty simple. Then I concatenated the 44 from powerfulsanta44 onto it. Nifty44 was taken, so I swapped the numbers around.


Comes from Not From Denmark. "Danish" in Danish is Dansk. NotDansk = Not Danish.


come on guys do i really have to explain it? don't make me... please.........


I saw a sticker earlier the same day that said "powered by Ubuntu."

Not From Denmark

I was sitting in my computer science class half asleep, and words were just flowing into my thoughts. One of them was denmark, then "from denmark", then "not from denmark." And I decided to make that my name, because my previous name was getting to be kind of cringe.


I was an edgy bastard.


I liked the Miis on the Nintendo Wii.


Oh boy, I get to explain the orb community! Well you see, on Roblox, there was a community called the orb community. The premise was to make shitty games with ms paint and bad grammar. Yeah, well this was my last "orber name". I copied it from tinfoilbot.


Copied from DeliciousBakedPie's format.


Copied from DeliciousBakedPie's format.


Copied from firebloxion's format.


Copied from DeliciousBakedPie's format.


My earliest known username. I tried to make my username santa. Don't ask why, it was August and I was 5. Anyway, it was obviously taken, so it gave me a random name in the format of [adjective][name][number 10-99] and of course one of them was powerfulsanta44.