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Scott the Woz

Hey all, Nifty here! Scott the Woz is a 2017 video game editorial on YouTube, with skits sprinkled in, and the occasional special more focused on the story of the series than the video game aspect. As of 2021, Scott the Woz is airing on cable network G4TV.

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Scott Wozniak

Scott "Will Eventually Take a Look at the First Mega Man" Daniel Wozniak (working title) was born on June 2nd, 1997. He was raised by Joy Wozniak and Praise Wozniak. Scott is proficient in being colorblind, and once tried to run a business reselling copies of Wii Play, which was shortly shut down due to it being very illegal to resell copies of Wii Play. Scott has been given many diagnoses in the past, and he is currently ailed by:

Scott currently resides in New Locationer McGee in Waterville, Ohio, and is played by Scott Wozniak.

Jebediah "Jeb" Jab

Jeb Jab is a former member of the Vegans Anonymous Gathering, and was once Terry Lesler's assistant vegan, but quit veganism in Borderline Forever. He is obsessed with Gex, yet can't discern between Gex, and a TV with a sheet of paper taped to it that says 'Gex'. He was murdered at Chet Shaft's dinner party. Later, he and the 4 other murderees show up at the murderer's trial. He identified the murderer's gun as Gex. As of Borderline Forever, he is currently a volunteer vegan on the weekends. Jeb is played by Sam Essig.

Dr. Jerry Attricks, PhuD

Dr. Attricks is an unliscenced therapist with a PhuD. He runs the Think Barrel, where Friday nights are ladie's nights. Scott goes to therapy with Dr. Attricks, first to recover from post shit game syndrome (episodes 173, 174 and 175), and second to cope with a blue border surrounding his vision (episode 200). In Borderline Forever, Jerry reveals he has developed a foot fetish, in order to branch out of therapism. By the end of Borderline Forever, Jerry has stopped being only Scott's therapist, and has started being a therapist. Dr. Attricks is played by Justin Womble.

Rex Mohs

Rex Mohs is a chaperone for many events, such as school dances and dinner parties. He often loses his temper, and early in his life, he was conditioned to hate all things alcohol, drugs, violence, sex, and most importantly: sex. He was murdered at the dinner party, and showed up at the trial as the bailiff. At the murder victims charity gala, his being-murdered was revealed to have been wrongly diagnosed as 0th degree burns. He later becomes addicted to Ice Mountain Mini-Waters, and becomes over-hydrated. He hates Gex. Rex Mohs is played by Eric Turney.

Target Employee / Wendy's Employee

Wendy's Employee was an employee at the American fast food chain, Wendy's. Scott first met him when he stumbled into a Target, where Wendy's Employee was voluntarily helping Target shoppers, including directing Scott Wozniak to the Madden aisle. Later, he is seen as a funeral planner in Homecoming. He was murdered at Chet Shaft's dinner party. He recovers, but later, in Memory Cards he was killed by a memory card. Later on, in Speed Dating, he is replaced by his brother, Target Employee. He is currently ailed by:

After his introduction in Speed Dating, Target Employee tried to "cure" Scott of not being an RPG guy in "You're Not An RPG Guy: A Scott the Woz Christmas". In Borderline Forever, he plays the role of catering, and he reveals that deep down, he's always felt like a Wendy's employee. He planned the funeral for Wendy's Employee. He follows the religion of Target. The Employee bros. are played by Dominic Mattero.

Terry Lesler

Terry Lesler is an attendant of V.A.G.Vegans Anonymous Gathering in A Very Madden 08 Christmas. He has an incredibly rocky start with Scott, given Scott smuggled a gallon of milk into V.A.G., and Terry reveals that he prefers Madden 09 over Madden 08. Later, he is murdered at Chet Shaft's dinner party. He recovers, and later arrives at the trial against the murderer. He identifies the murderer's gun as the letter L. In Memory Cards, it's revealed that his family runs the unpermitted Lesler Pumpkin Orchard. Terry is played by Joe Robertson.