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/index.htmlLanding page of website. Click "hosted by neocities" button to go to Neocities. Click Penelope T. Cat to go to desktop. Click JAUP to go to Jaup (offsite)
/about.html"About Me" page on site. Modeled after WordPad. Surface level information about myself.
/day-one.htmlDay-one appearance of my website. It's nothing to write home about, I knew nothing about HTML at the time.
/desktop.htmlDesktop and main page of website. Most things are accessible here via the Start Menu or links on the website.
/not-found.html404 page. Modeled after BSOD.
/qna.htmlPlace where I answer questions. Send them my way over the Contact forum on the Desktop page.
/taskbar.htmlBackend part of site where the taskbar code is stored before being replicated everywhere. Don't complain about it being ugly.
/webgarden.htmlMy webgarden pot.
/randomdocuments/index.html"My Documents" equivalent. Basically where I store miscellaneous documents that I don't deem worthy of putting a link to on the front page.
/randomdocuments/8-28-21-concept.htmlConcept art from August
/randomdocuments/8-28-21-concept-legible.htmlConcept art from August; now you can actually read it
/randomdocuments/buttons.html88x31 buttons.
/randomdocuments/sitemap.htmlWhat do you THINK is here?