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Yes, the title being unnecessarily long WAS necessary.

A Concept Blatantly Stolen From The Chongo Show

AnimatedJames - Brony Polka

My first polka original-artist-ification, and I think it kinda shows. It's a take on "Brony Polka" by AnimatedJames. It's not terrible, but it could be better. This was completed on May 14th, 2024, but wasn't published to YouTube until over a month later, out of embarrassment.

Jimlapbap - Al-polka-lypse

This time, a polka medley that pays direct tribute to the man who invented polka medleys in their modern form. Some of the edits aren't perfect, but it's already a drastic step up from Brony Polka WTOA.

Various Illemonama - Illemonama Polkarama

Completed around the same time as Al-polka-lypse, this one's a tribute to Lemon Demon. The original medley was recorded around 2008, as a 22nd-birthday-gift to Neil Cicierega, the man behind Lemon Demon. This is probably between Brony Polka and Al-polka-lypse in terms of quality, at least with my own work.

Spintown - Minecraft Polka

The most recent polka originification, Minecraft Polka With The Original Artists is likely the highest quality of the four so far. I even got to skip on editing one song, since the song was already made by the person who made the medley! Isn't that awesome?