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Yes, the title being unnecessarily long WAS necessary.

This Is The Strife

New lyrics for This Is The Life by "Weird Al" Yankovic written by 44Nifty

I eat cheap Banquet meals every other week
My bathtub's filled with mold and hay
What can I say?
This is the strife!

I always take out loans to pay for my food
My clothing sucks, better off nude
I'm an honestly flat-broke dude
This is the strife!

They say that money can save you
But I can't really tell
I get paid half min'mum wage
And my life's a living Hell
I got taxmen lined up outside my door
They've been waitin' there since the week before
They just ask for more
This is the strife!

You'll work for a real long time
I just can't retire
So that money can't get in my hands
I guess they'll never hire
Yeah, every day I make a couple cents
No cash to pay my bills
I can barely afford my pills
This is the strife!

I got a hand-me-down Subaru
I make a cent, boss makes a grand
You can tell I'm a poor old sap
Not some well off, handsome chap
No way, I'm a bum
Gov'ment Cheese
Yeah, I live my life on my knobby little knees
I can buy just 'bout nothing
This is the strife!

That's right, I'm the pawn
Super broke
I make like twenty bucks in about a year
Can't pay the bills
Can't feed my kids
I'm losing cash
Just building debt
One thing I can guarantee
The necessities, they sure ain't free
It's such a pain just to be me
This is the strife!
This is the strife!
Oh, take me back...